The Age of Shiva – by Manil Suri

shiva-cover A woman who takes one decision in her life based on jealousy/infatuation/emotions gets entangled in a never ending saga of hopelessness and pain. To escape tyranny of one man, she embraces destructiveness in another. And the child to whom she dedicates her entire life gets detached or rather is made to get detached from her due to certain growing up dilemmas.

The narrative is simple, sometimes drawing analogies with rather unusual incidents mentioned in Hindu mythology. When the son gets physically attracted to his mother (I owe it to the growing up changes/curiosities that he goes through), the author narrates a similar mention of incest mentioned in Hindu mythology. Now, that was something which really shook me. I hadn’t known that we have such a thing mentioned in our vedas.

Though one can actually divide the book in three parts – one about the jealousy that the younger and lesser attractive sister feels for the elder one, her failed marriage with the loser husband, and her relationship with the son, its the third and the last part that really captivated me. Its very rare to see such simple and yet overwhelming observations made about the mother-child relationship.

The Age of Shiva – by Manil Suri

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