I had always loved kids, but interestingly could never imagine myself as a mother! And so even after six years of marriage, there was never a desperation to have one for myself, though there were question marks everywhere we went. When it did happen (the pregnancy, that is) I was overjoyed, though overwhelmed would not be the right word. It grew up on me slowly. And I guess, made a mother out of me even before Diya was born.

I have enjoyed every moment of being a mother. That is not denying the existence of some frustrating and painful moments, its just that I have LIVED them to the fullest.  And so, here is the list of five amongst infinte things that I have enjoyed as a mother:

1. As mentioned above, I have LIVED every moment of my life, yes, even those which I didn’t enjoy as much. Its like relishing every sip knowing very well that this might be your last one.  I marked each every one of it in my memory (and sometimes this blog), hoping to be able to relive it whenever I wish to. Nothing else has been this fulfiling in life.

2. Its amazing how “something” so small can change your entire perspective towards life.  I have become more health/fitness conscious just because I want to be active enough to meet her demands for as long as it is possible.  I have even started planning for a different layout of the house keeping her needs in mind. It gives me one extra reason to daydream and wake up every day with a smile. It has also made me a much more positive and stronger person. It was only because of my new role as Diya’s mother that i could sail through a recent personal tragedy. I love the way my child has taken over my entire being and of course, the house!

3. I am reliving my life. From the joys of eating something for the first time, crawling, seeing new faces/sights to the pleasure of a loving touch – everything feels new to her, and me too. I love watching her expressions as she reacts to something predictable or unexpected.

4. I have a renewed interest in cooking now! And that is just because I wish her to like what I cook and look forward to the meal times 🙂 I actually imagine her coming back from school and asking excitedly – ‘Momma, whats for lunch today?’!!!

5. I can’t get enough of my own child. The feeling that overwhelms me when she says ‘Ma’ is indescribable. And the way she does ‘Paari’ (kiss) is enough to get me shedding tears of happiness and pleasure. There is a new way, every day to appease my anger (when she tries to put something in her mouth, or picks up shoes,…), and an innocence in her love that makes me feel proud and happy to be a mother, though I had never imagined myself to be a one!

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12 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. its impossible to not adore that l’il bundle of joy called Diya! 🙂

    loved the post!!


    ps: pati i met her! she just gets cuter!

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