So, how do you usually spend your weekends?

For us, its a lazy start in the mornings, having friends over for lunch, going out to some eating-joint/shopping-mall and then back to home to watch some movie on the DVD..
Unfortunately, its the same every
week, thanks to nowhere-to-go situation in Bangalore. The parks in the area where we stay are small, and there is not enough space to sit and converse with friends. There are a couple of lakes nearby, but they too are crowded and not maintained properly.
But still, every weekend is looked forward to, and enjoyed immensely, thanks to some wonderful friends that we have! And the next weekend is going to be one which promises lots of fun and relaxation – for we have planned a trip to Yercaud with a very close friend!
Looking forward to a great weekend! (Yes I know its only Monday!)

12 thoughts on “So, how do you usually spend your weekends?

  1. monikamanchanda says:

    weekends it depends… sometimes they are crazily hectic planned 2 weeks in advance, sometime totally vella… and some (the best ones) we decide to head out

    BTW yercaud is lovely place… small town but beautiful

  2. myamusingmind says:

    I am going to munnar this weekend ..please come up with a loooooooong post about yeracaud ..may be we will plan that next šŸ˜‰

  3. Sometimes I plan something, a trip to the zoo,the musuem.
    Sometimes, it just groceries and a trip to the park.
    Sometimes, it crazy birthday parties drop off..

    Mostly, I look forward to having NK home and let him take care of stufff..

    have fun on your trip.

  4. Swaram says:

    Given the Hyd heat, its either staying indoors or head to the malls/movies; leaving the bank balance at an all time low šŸ˜›
    This weekend, we are visiting the Tadoba Tiger Reserve near Nagpur.
    Yercaud is one of the best getaways during summer.
    Have a pleasant trip and a cool weekend šŸ™‚

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