Yercaud trip…

And we did get to go to Yercaud!!!

The best part of the trip – Diya had been a real darling – she slept for half of the time of the drive. And when she did get up, we all had lots of masti while entertaining her (and ourselves!).

The roads are superb! It was a real pleasure seeing the well maintained roads, flanked by bougainvilleas, champa on the dividers.  There are not many decent eating joints on the way. We had our lunch at AnandaBhawan housed in “Ghar”, an initiative by BharatPetroleum. They serve good SouthIndian food. There is a CafeCoffeeDay too, and we had our lunch there on our way back to Bangalore. A word of caution to those who plan to have lunch at CCD – Do not have the veg/nonveg Biriyani over there.  They heat the frozen-packed Biriyani, and it doesn’t taste too good.

The drive from Salem to Yercaud (around 30kms) is through the hills (half of the total drive). There are several hair-pin bends (twenty to be exact) and can be nauseating at times. But the drive can be a pleasure if you have 17-month old, jumping jack with you for company!!

The ONLY place where we got food after arrival!!! And they too served only idlis and plain dosas.. But I have to admit – it has been the best food I have had in a long time!

Hotel Selvam, five minutes walk from the lake

Hotel Selvam, five minutes walk from the lake

Food had been a minor irritant on this trip, considering that our hotel didn’t really serve good food..And also it followed STRICT timings for mealtimes!!!

The solitary one

Near the lake

Near the lake

We didn’t click too many pictures, or rather couldn’t take them. Reason? Our camera-loving kid!! Every time me or A tried to take pic, this little monkey would get all hyper-excited and get restless, and the moment would be gone. But it was fun with all three of us trying to entertain each other. Diya fell in love with my sunglasses, and decided to wear them for most of the times! We did see a couple of ‘places to see in Yercaud’, but preferred to just roam about the place and get to breathe in the air like natives of the place. And that is exactly my idea of visiting a place- to get to know it like I was born there.

And now, to pay the tribute to the weekend gone by, here is the song that fairly describes the mood of the trip….

14 thoughts on “Yercaud trip…

  1. Seema says:

    Lagta hai Bahut enjoy kiya hai… gr8 🙂 . Nice pictures. All of them are good but i like “The Solitary one” most. [Diya’s picture does not come in this category she is the best 🙂 ]

  2. Durga says:

    the pics are lovely esp the one of Diya….but then
    that sexxy video suggests u had one hot weekend away.
    hmm im confused 😉

    • Actually You are right Swati!! I didn’t have too many pics to post or too many things to write about… but then I did remember your comment on the last post about Yercaud… and that was inspiring!! Thanks!

  3. Swaram says:

    A nice trip! BTW, its real fun just roaming around having all the time and nothing fixed. I luv it that way too 🙂

  4. Awwww… we really really missed this one. That’s 2 times we couldn’t go through with a planned outing. Let us make sure we get 3rd time lucky. At the age they are, C and D will love to spend time romping in wide open spaces!!

    Beautiful beautiful post. Bangalore just got a little greener, thanks to me…

    • 🙂 Let us start planning for the next long weekend then!!

      And to turn the color green a shade lighter – well we did wish during the trip that you guys were there too!

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