Confession of a harried mother –

” I use T.V. to get Diya to eat something”

8 thoughts on “Confession of a harried mother –

    • Oh! My daughter has a fixation for 9XM.. Anything else, and she would refuse to eat..
      Not a very healthy thing to do, but I am trying my best to distract her using other options. Earlier, ‘Appadi Podu’ used to work beautifully. These days, even my dancing doesn’t seem to be good enough for her!!

  1. What is it with 1-2 year old kids & 9XM? Even with any other music channel – MTV, Channel V or whatever, Vanisha will just pull the remote away from me & try pressing the ‘Favourite’ button so that it switches to 9XM. I guess the Bheegi Billi, Bade-Chote magic works wonders with 1-2 year olds !!

    I’m already worried about her eating woes once the channel goes off air 😦

    • I guess its the repeat telecast of the same songs over and over again that gets the kids addicted…. Or maybe the nonexistence of those annoying Veejays!
      And don’t even mention the dreadful thought of getting this channel off air (Heard that InX group is not doing too good these days)… I would be dead (unless I find some alternative FAST)

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