Puja – Domesticated….

And now, a tag about the domestic disasters – by Abha

As a kid, I could never imagine myself struggling with pots and pans. In my dreams, I was this super-efficient woman who woke up at 6:00 am in the morning, did ALL the household chores (with no help), sent the kids to their schools, went to her office (coolly), came back to this neat and clean house, took kids to the park, partied with friends and slept right at 10:00pm (did I tell you that its IMPOSSIBLE for me to stay late at night?). In short, I was the perfect ‘lady of the house’.  But that was all a dream until I got married and realized that in reality, you have to ACTUALLY do all those things !!!

And so, the series of mishaps began …………

Let me start with – getting those expensive shirts/tops colored, thanks to ‘accidental’ mixing with other clothes while washing

Uncooked masala in the food was a common occurence..

I would usually cook food for around 5-6 people when there were only three of us in the house (and we had no fridge).

Oh and there was this instance when I cooked ‘laal saag’ (which is used to add some tanginess to daal) as an entire meal. It was so ‘khatta’ that I could have easily passed it as ‘Chutney’.

I have even managed to get the pressure cooker burst. (Don’t ask me how!)

There had been times when Mutton-curry came out looking like ‘Mutton-keema’!

– And fish curry was just a mess.

And you know the worst? Well that was just a couple of weeks ago – when we were all doing masti in the living room, and I noticed a ‘whoosh’ sound coming from the kitchen…. The rubber pipe had come off and there was gas coming out of the cylinder. I thanked God that the kitchen window was open and no damage took place (the lights and microwave were switched on).

I can go on and on about such instances – but then there are just so many of them that highlight my clumsiness and ignorance!! As Abha puts it, we have come a long way. There are not too many of such accidents these days. And when I manage to put a decent meal on the table and there are satisfied smiles on the faces of those having it, the feeling I experience  is worth all the troubles taken and all the cuts and burns that I might have borne.

I tag SS, Swaram, Dew

10 thoughts on “Puja – Domesticated….

  1. wow! fun read! well i missed the colour mixing i have done often enough completely!

    and yes, you are a brillaint cook! 🙂


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