The (non)religious me!

templeWhen I first saw the house we eventually bought, I was overwhelmed by the surroundings. It was green all around, and there was a temple just behind it!!! I was overwhelmed, and those who have visited our house over all these years never missed commenting on how lucky we are to be living in such a place. Little did they (and even we) realize that its going to be one major inconvenience! And so, we are woken up every morning ‘religiously’ by 6:00am thanks to the ‘bhajans’ that sound more like film songs! There were requests/threats to the temple authority, and they did work for a couple of days until things cooled off and went back to their normal order (read high decibels of some irritating number!).. And then there are nights like the last one when the God celebrates His Birthday (as my maid puts it), and we all made (unwilling) party to it! So, after a sleepless night and a disturbed day, we are all set for another evening of ‘orchestra’ and headache.

Happy Birthday, Dear God!

8 thoughts on “The (non)religious me!

  1. Interesting post…
    Normally when we go to temples, we wish that they were close by so that we can go more often…
    but people who have temples next door would surely vouch for the opposite… πŸ™‚

    • Yes, and that had been my initial reaction too!! Was too glad to have the temple near the house – you know – reaping the benefits without even visiting the temple πŸ˜‰
      But Its been really bad with those daily wake up calls and frequent ‘musical’ events 😦

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