Broken shakha

‘It is inauspicious!!!’, her mother in law had cried out loud the moment she stepped out of the room. She had noticed the pieces of broken shakha in Aarti’s clenched fist. ‘Do you have any idea what it signifies? Do you know it can bring bad luck to my son?’.

She kept quiet with her head bent down. As the drops of blood trickled down her wrist, she hoped that her husband had heard those words. Perhaps next time he would keep a check on his temper – for the sake of his own good fortune.

Update: Shakha – the white shell and Paula – the red coral are the bangles worn by Bengali women as symbol of marriage.

11 thoughts on “Broken shakha

  1. I am glad you post this under “Fiction”. I sure hope that’s what it is. Because this is way darker than even the fiction eye-in-sty-in writes….

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