Forgive me..

But even the shallowest part of me would never dream of spending 69k on a hand bag…

Just came back from a visit to UBCity…(Had a great lunch at Rajdhani. They serve awesome gujrati thaali..), and needless to say my head is still reeling thanks to the huge price tags with smallest of the things!!

Pic taken from here

13 thoughts on “Forgive me..

    • Oh yes, indeed!!! Even if I had that kind of money, am not sure if I would have spent it on just a bag..
      (I can re-plan my entire wardrobe with THAT money!!)

    • Oye, I thought you wanted to spend some time at home (alone!)… Next time, let us all go together. What say?
      And I did find the fakes at Safina Plaza.. But they are quite pricey too.

  1. coincidence I tell u………just last week I was thinking to myself that even if I won a jackpot of million dollars I cd never get myself to pick up bags worth 65k[I had browsed thru some site which showed Shilpa Shetty carrying such a bag].

    And just above u mentioned Safina Plaza….r u from B’lore?????

    • oops!! I never did enter the store!!! I saw the 65k price tag on a bag at the display window.. and I decided not to go inside πŸ™‚

      The review is nice, but i still would not go πŸ˜‰

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