Background: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/charged-with-rape-shiney-sent-to-3day-police-custody/94934-8.html

Voice 1: These (film)guys have no morals at all. A little fame and recognition goes to their heads. I am sure he is the culprit. They should punish him harshly enough to set a precedent.

Voice 2: But he says it was consensual. That means the maid was an equal party to it. And in that case, it was not even a crime.

Voice 3: It was a crime indeed – rape or no rape. Even if it was  consensual, Shiney went against the dictats of marriage. He cheated on his wife, and isnt that a crime?

Voice 4: What if he was not happy in his marriage? He might have been frustrated enough to go out and look for happiness in other people. Isn’t it possible that his wife just didn’t keep him happy.

Voice 5: But that is no justification for anyone to look out. Why drag wife into something that happened between the husband and the ‘other’ woman?

Voice 6: A person seeks happiness outside of marriage only when the parties involved have allowed enough distance to let a third person in.

Voice 7: Then why is his wife still supporting him?

Voice 8: Perhaps for the kids.

Voice 9: Really? Can someone put their entire life on hold for kids? I don’t think so. I am sure he must have assured her that it was just a mistake. And who doesn’t want to live on the hope that things would be fine again.

Voice 10: Yes, the maid have been the one to have seduced him.

Voice 11: But he should have been strong enough to resist her advances. A woman who gets involved with a married man, knowing there is no future is nothing short of a fallen character who sells her body and soul. And a man who falls to these tricks is just a criminal.

Voice 12: But what if she had really been raped?


And the voices continue to whisper among themselves. But the truth is known only to the parties involved, and each has their own version. Who would you trust?


10 thoughts on “Voices

  1. The people involved are then only ones who know the truth…

    but yet somehow I do believe the maid..

    in any case this case should be thoroughly investigated and the truth brought out..

    • Whatever be the case, if there is a mention of the word ‘rape’, then it definitely should be brought to notice to all and justice be met.. Otherwise its up to those three people to sort out the mess.

  2. I am heartened by the fact that the maid’s family refused to cover up the truth, and boldly went to the police station and filed a complaint. Too many rape cases go unreported because the family is too worried about society pressure to do so.

    If he is guilty, he should definitely not go scot-free! I also read somewhere that there has been another sexual harassment case in his past. So, I am more inclined to believe the maid.

    Just feel sorry for the poor wife who has to bear this situation!

    • Well, my first thoughts went with the maid being innocent… and then the wife being forced to take this stand. Who would want their kid to be labeled as the son/daughter of a rapist? I can totally understand why she supported her husband despite him being accused of such an act.
      Sometimes practicalities in life take precedence over moral values.

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