Is it for real?

In this issue of Femina, Health Query section:

“my eight year old girl is overweight by 8kgs. …

.. Liposuction…”

Ok.. I don’t remember the exact words..And can understand a mother’s worry about her child being overweight by 8 kgs. But weight reduction through surgery? And that too at an age where alternatives are abound?  What happened to eating more of home-cooked food, letting go of junk, being more active?? And if there is a medical problem, then can’t it be handled in a non-surgical way? Can’t a mother wait for a couple years before ruling out all these natural options and opting for surgery as the last resort (only if it is causing hindrance to the child’s progress- mental/physical).

Why are we so obsessed with the way we look?? We are fine with paying enormous amount of money for the gym-membership, but can’t get ourselves to go to some neighbourhood park and play with kids? We can park ourselves in front of T.V, and prepare elaborate diet plans, but refuse to be active around the house. Why has this one-way solution (read dieting/gymming) become the fashion statement of our times, followed closely by the surgical methods? Why can’t we just eat healthy, stay active and have fun in our lives?

My funda of healthy living is pretty simple and easy. I just refuse to be held captive to the whole calorie-counting obsession. And I also try to eat at home as much as possible. Along with that, an active lifestyle helps in keeping those aches away for most of the times (except for this nagging backache, thanks to not following the doctor’s advise). And having Diya around helps in making sure that I never miss the dance/jumping/clowning sessions!!

9 thoughts on “Is it for real?

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  2. Swaram says:

    Well written. Atleast given the girls age, she better be active and eat healthy rather than going under the knife!

  3. You know this is a big fear of mine. That my weight issues and my food obessions are picked up by my girls. They are already attacked by all sorts of “perfect body size” images from different media outlets and I dont want them to pick up on my shortcomings.
    I am very careful to say that I am exercising because I want to be fit. I try not say that I am FAT rather unfit.

    Thankfully, both girls are so far very active. one of my friends just found out her 13 yr old is bulimic. And she is now taking her child to all sorts of therapy and counselling. She feels so bad that she might have inadverntly said something to her child. I was so sad for her.

    That said, lipo for a 8 yr old is insane.

    • And I believe that is what responsible parenting is all about. I would try to make Diya conscious about her health, aware of her looks, but not obsess about anything. The difference between ‘fat’ and ‘unfit’ has to be explained with assertion…

  4. we are getting our kids to firstly achieve unreal stuff and we are also telling them its alright to be lazy while at it!

    Little Miss Sunshine deals with this whole thing so beautifully!


    • Right.. Its primarily upto the parents to get their kids off such expectations, and also try and nullify any such influence that society might have exerted on them..

      (Loved that movie!)

  5. True…parents can do their level best. But can they nullify the effects of society and peers?

    That said, that mom who has written in to Femina sounds bizarre. Who in their right mind would want their child to go under the knife for such a trivial reason?

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