Emotional Atyachaar…

(Forgive me for the cheesy title!)

Nancy tagged me to list down ten things that are emotionally taxing for me..

So, here we go:

1. When I see trees being cut without any rhyme or reason. It doesn’t matter to me whether they are building metros or placing an eye-catching banner. I find a bit of My Bangalore getting lost every time they do so.

2. Wastage of water/food/money. I hate it when the tanks flow over, or leftover food on people’s plates. I hate it when they spend on things they probably would never/ sparingly use. It brings back visions of those deprived of all these basic necessities in life. And also, the teachings of my uncle. He used to say that if you waste water/food in this birth, Lord Ganesha would make sure that you don’t get these in the next one!!

3. Infidelity. I have seen too many shattered hearts to be able to accept it as just a mistake by the perpetrator. Though forgiveness usually follows, yet the pain never goes away, and the victim is scarred for life. I just wish these people open their eyes and realize that it is easy to justify their deeds and shrug off by calling it a mistake. But it is tough for the wronged one to be able to absorb it all inside and move on with their lives.

4. Inconsiderate people. Those who see a pregnant woman/old man/woman/ parent with a small child, and yet don’t give them the way/seat. I hate people who set a certain rule for others to follow, but give it a miss themselves. Include animal tormentors in this category.

5. People glued to their mobiles. And not giving attention to the one they are with. I don’t understand how the conversation sounds more interesting/valuable when done over the phone as compared to the one you  have with the friend sitting right there with you.

6. Religious fanatics. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a couple in train while going from Delhi to Bangalore. It was the worst I had ever felt after talking to someone. They (esp the lady) were so much against Muslim community that the hatred spilled out in their words and body language.

7. People who claim to be on a high moral ground than others. It gets on my nerves when I see certain people using all sorts of high sounding words/moral teachings, and quote religious texts when I know how morally corrupt they are in their real lives.Give me a ‘shallow’ but genuine person any day compared to these hypocrites.

8. The ‘dirty’ people. They have a way of making even the empty room look cluttered! It doesn’t matter whether they are in their own homes or visiting someone, the mess they create is enough to cause headache in the calmest of the hosts!!

9. People who don’t follow traffic rules. For saving a few minutes of their time, they put themselves and others at such grave risk. Unforgivable.

10.  Parasites. Those who see nothing wrong in camping in lives of other people, and try to take advantage of their selflessness/concern.

Wow Nancy! Just writing about these things makes me feel better!! Good to let out some of the anger bottled inside 🙂

I pass on this tag to whoever wants to feel calmer and at peace!!

15 thoughts on “Emotional Atyachaar…

  1. was nodding my head at all the points specially 1, 4, 6 ,7, !

    I HATE people who are hypocrites!

    I think I have been tagged..but will pick this up 🙂

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