Let the secret be out!!!

I am sorry for raising the drama around this latest development in my life!!

I had decided to start working (with conditions applied) quite some time back. But I wasn’t too sure if companies would prefer a not so experienced DBA coming back after a break of around 2 + years. I had also gone through a hard time trying to remember what all I had actually done (technically) during the short career span that I had before Diya came to my life.

And so, after studying and discussing things with ex-collegues, friends and of course A, I did appear for an interview and cleared it..Whew!!! It might not be a big deal for most people, but given my frayed nerves, it is a big achievement!!!

Oh and the reason why I kept it a secret for so long – well! they delayed in processing the offer letter. Got it just a while back.

I am happy and proud..

And all set to go to work…

36 thoughts on “Let the secret be out!!!

  1. How can you say it is not a big thing? It is nothing short of a miracle. For process-driven MNCs to have cleared a person with a 2 year break AND conditions is no mean task– it only shows how fantastic you must be at your work and at presenting yourself. I couldn’t dare going back to studies after a 3 year break (for work), so I know how you feel. Super proud of your achievement!

    Good luck and happy times with the new phase of life.

    Look forward to seeing Diya soon (err.. I hope you guys plan to bring her THIS time??) 😉

    • 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, M! And I really hope things go on smoothly from now on….

      And hey, we can’t even dare to come without Diya tomm!! We can’t let the opportunity of her meeting with Kabir be missed!!!!!!

  2. Swaram says:

    Wow Puja! That’s indeed gr8 news, esp. given the hard times everyone is gng thru. Its an achievement to get an offer letter now. So happy for u 🙂 Calls for a treat 🙂

    And yeah, thanks for letting it out girl. The part of my brain reserved for cracking that code can now be relieved 😛

  3. Congrats!!

    I think its great ur going back to work 🙂

    You know I read in one of your posts long ago that u used to work in Tavant.. The DH started his career there.. Coincidence, huh??

    • Thank You, Thank you!!
      (and yes, this was THE SECRET!!! Kya karoon! I wanted to flash this news as soon as I received it, but couldn’t take chances without offer letter in hand na!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi dear..
    wishing u all the very best… put ur maximum efforts and do ur best..

    hey dear,check our the link below, am sure ull love them….


    urs tina//

  5. Shabnam says:

    Am hoping that with your job spree you do not forget to blog 🙂 cause we all anxiously wait for your posts…

  6. Ahan! Heartiest congrats and sorry for being the last in the reply. You will do great , don’t worry. Make sure you start writing an oracle tech blog now too :).

    And I did see a note of “good food” , is the offer still open for someone visiting Bglr very soon 😀 ?

    Congrats once again!


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