Speaking of silence

He wondered if there is a ‘full-stop’ or even a ‘comma’ in her vocabulary. She could chat non-stop. In rare cases when she no longer had topics to discuss, she could still go on and on about nothing in particular. Her words hammered in his ears night and day. He was surprised at her energy as she moved about the house doing her daily chores with the enthusiasm of a child, all the while singing to herself. He found himself getting irritated at this pompous display of happiness. Surprisingly, it was this very trait that had got him attracted to her. Perhaps the very concept behind ‘marriage’ brings about this turnaround in people.


He longed to hear her voice. It had been quite some time since they had their first major fight. Unfortunately, the argument had taken quite an ugly turn and he was unable to control his temper. A few bruises later, things had seemed to have turned back to normal. They had ‘kissed’ and made up.

But something had changed. The voice which haunted him even when he was away from home had somehow lost its sheen. And the songs had turned into whispers. He felt that the chatterbox of a girl he married had mellowed down. He had expected to have felt relieved thanks to this change in her. But instead he felt more restless. Somehow her silence was more disturbing than her chatterings.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of silence

  1. Dropped in to say u hv been tagged n get to read this beautiful piece.
    I can somehow connect with the girl in qs [the 1st half]; hope the connection ends @ that šŸ˜›

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