And I thought it happened only in Ekta Kapoor’s serials!!

London: Just days after Michael Jackson died, rumours are flooding the internet that he faked his own death.

Thousands of fans have been logging onto websites to join wacky conspiracy theories that the singer is still alive and is just getting ready to make a spectacular comeback.

One website released a photo three days after the singer’s death claiming that he is alive.

Another says the singer has been planning this for a year-and-a-half and is now in hiding in eastern Europe. However, there is no proof to back these claims, reports the Sun.

Another site has released a photo it claims is of Jackson, insisting that the man who died on Thursday was the singer’s body double with a terminal illness whose family will be looked after in return.

“Over the past few days there have been many Michael sightings. People have emailed with pictures and amazing stories,” a message reads.

“Michael is alive and well. The plot was 10 years in the making but it had to be done.

“We know he is alive because we have seen pictures. Clear pictures taken on June 26, 2009 of Michael Jackson lounging poolside with friends.

“Those close to Michael known about the plot for years, t was a very expensive and intricate venture.

“The man who died had a terminal illness and his death was long overdue. He was given facial surgery to resemble Michael exactly. No doubt his family will be taken care of.

“Soon, Michael’s new music will be out. Under a different name and with a drastically altered face… though a harmoniser has been used to disguise his voice”, the website claimed.

21 thoughts on “And I thought it happened only in Ekta Kapoor’s serials!!

  1. loved the title of the post!! :p

    now we shall wait for him to come and we shall have 3 camera angles taking a close up with jarring music to welcome him! 😉


  2. shraddha says:

    theese rumors are annoying vicious lies…

    police interviewed the doctor..911 call is released for public to hear…

    • 🙂 I guess they prefer to stay in denial and wait for some sensational news (perhaps about the comeback) hit them to break the monotony of their boring lives..

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