On a rainy evening

Its been such a great weather outside that I couldn’t resist going out for a ride on my two wheeler.Though it was raining, yet it couldn’t stop me from acting on my impulse. I guess doing such things on impulse is very liberating… Its been great feeling the cold drizzle on my face. It felt as if someone was trying to wake me up in the gentlest of ways.  Oh and I did by a book too! And read a few of its pages in the Barista outlet near the ‘chat house’ from where I bought samosas and jalebis. What is rainy season without these basic things to enjoy!!!!!!!!

Why this meaningless post, you might ask…… well.. I have been trying hard to come up with something to describe myself as awesome as tagged by Abha! And though I tried to cheat by asking everyone I know, yet I haven’t been able to come up with a decent list.. 😦  I did try to think a few during the ride mentioned above, but still there is a long way to go… Now what does that mean? Am I not awesome? or am I too modest to admit that I am one of the most awesome people alive?????

18 thoughts on “On a rainy evening

  1. monikamanchanda says:

    rain, chat, jalebis, books, ride,barista some of my fav things mentioned here

    BTW where do u find all of them together in this part of the town?

    and i think its the last which is true… u are too modest to accept that u are one of the most awesome people around… that was indeed a very modest statement 😀 😛

  2. Shabnam says:

    The sexiest part of the whole write-up i feel was the bike-riding ….oooooooh I love it so much :D…..that’s one thing that I could not learn till now 😦

    Hmmm long drives on a bike, enjoyin the drizzle when dark clouds are floating low in the sky , stoppin by for a corn cob and dancing to the monsoon tunes…sippin a hot cup of chai…pakodas..samosas…and then the coziness of sneakin into the bed with a comforter with a book!!

    Kya baat hai…life ho to bus aisi 😀

  3. Arre Puja .. what a gr8 time u hv had re. I was imaging myself in ur place. 2-wheeler, rain, chats, book – bliss rt 🙂

    And my points for ur awesome tag thingy – u r an awesome book-review write, master of saying things in a few words and awesome mommy blogger. I think there are many more; wil get bk 😛

  4. wow!! what fun!! 🙂

    i hope you wore a hemmet! or cubby would call you a bad girl! 😉

    and dont be modest! just tell us about your awesomeness!!

    let me help you start!

    you are anawesome cook. and not just that you love to cook for people and feed them. only that could explain why a vegetarian learnt to cook chicken and fish! 🙂


  5. The amount that you guys plug Barista, you can easily live off their commission without buying coffee the rest of your lives. Oddly enough, your recco works. We hadn’t visited a Barista for over 6 years until that day with you, and now we liked it enough to switch loyalties from CCD… Hmmmm.

    Does Diya like the rain too? Our Cub, his royal highness, scampers to find towel when 1 drop dares soil his arm. Sigh!

    • Oh she LOVES it…. And she is a (non)cleanliness freak!!!! She would go and play anywhere that has mud/spilled water/etc..
      I do like Barista.. but CCD has far too many memories and sentiments associated 🙂

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