What is happening??

Childhood and youth are best remembered through symbols like the bestsellers of that era, popular movies, songs, personalities etc…

Mine was marked with:


It hurts badly when any one of these symbols cease to exist. Its like cutting away a part of your memories..

RIP Patrick Swayze

(I would miss you.)

P.S. Tag Cloud Courtesy : http://www.wordle.net/

Update: The link to MadMomma was to quote her

When your childhood crushes start dying you know you’re growing old.”

So apt..

11 thoughts on “What is happening??

  1. *sigh*
    a page from unforgotten era,
    a song from memorable evening,
    a scene from youthful weekends,
    that we carry from our dawn to dusk.

    Souls that touch million hearts,
    never die dear, they never disappear;
    multiply they do in our hearts,
    not to forget in CDs and paperbacks 🙂

    a lyric, a line, a smile,
    melody, feelings, heart desire,
    great souls live a million lives,
    Good bye! I say, don’t.

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