My baby is growing up..

(Random thoughts put together)

I am happy and proud.
From an underweight baby to a hyperactive toddler, she has come a long way.
Yes, we wondered if she was ‘active’ enough.
Now she makes us look silly to have had such stupid thoughts!
I was heartbroken and sad at the thought of leaving her everyday.
She waves ‘Good Bye’ with a smile!
And insists a ride on my bike EVERYDAY.
Thats the origin of ‘bribe’, I guess!
You say ‘One’, and ‘TOO’, ‘THEE’ would be dutifully recited back!
Every phone call you make/attend is mimicked perfectly.
And ended with a very brisk ‘BAAYIII’
She believes in ‘Walk when you talk’ funda while she is ‘on call’!
She loves painting – on her hands, legs and tummy!
Everything is a canvas, except the paper, of course..
Toys are useless. And can be gotten rid of by throwing out of the window.
Books are the latest craze – only for their pictorial value!
Her fascination with noise sounds persists.
Any two objects are the candidates to the acoustic experiments.
Paper, clothes are not spared either.
The higher the decibel value, the better it is on ears (hers only)
The entire world is on her feet (literally)
If not trying to make her laugh, then to search for valuables just thrown around carelessly.
Momma and Papa are certified slaves
and grandparents have become favorite companions (especially to fight with!)
Her famous laughter is still around
making her momma pray feverishly to God(yes, she still does it during troubled times)
Let my baby grow up to be a beautiful soul,

andΒ  she be safe and happy forever.

25 thoughts on “My baby is growing up..

  1. Touchwood! πŸ™‚

    She is grwoing up isn’t she?! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Lovely post! Made me smile and remember Diya’s cute smile!

    I went ahead and sneaked in a look at her pic that I have stored away in my comp here at work! πŸ™‚

  2. God bless this young child,
    to grow into a greater soul.

    Smiles, she will bring,
    joys she fill, as her heart sing.

    let her spread her wings,
    fly very high and beyond seven seas,

    make you proud,
    as she lifts hundred souls.

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