How do you handle

a tiny bundle of joy who gives you heartache by her sweet smile

a nonstop chatterbox who still hasn’t given ‘proper’ shape to her words

a hyperactive kid who keeps you constantly on your toes

an intelligent mind who knows exactly what ticks you off

a typical girl who loves her (and her mom’s) creams, hairbands, clips, bags, etc..

a diplomat who knows how to appease an angry mom whose mobile is yet again in a non-working mode (thanks to all the banging and throwing around)

a heartless baby who sees you off to office with a joyous smile and welcomes you back with the same.

a brat who loves riding on your bike, thus giving you a heart attack when she attempts to show her antics during one such ride.

the famous laughter which awakens myriad emotions even in the driest of hearts!

the longing in the heart while being away from the most important part of your life.

the tears of joy that have no reason or rhyme yet flow incessantly when you look at the most beautiful baby on the earth!

How do you handle the waves of love that engulf you, thus making you oblivious to the dirt and harshness of the world around….

14 thoughts on “How do you handle

  1. You just accept hugs from mothers who loved and laughed (and got a little teary eyed) reading about their motherhood through yours..

    And you share that hug with the angel and the devil and the little imp who knows how to make you dance to her tune…

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