The Buzzzy Bee

I never thought this term could ever be applied to me! I am one of those very laidback people, living life at her own pace.Some people call this trait as laziness, though! But now I have snapped out of that mode and been made to work endlessly thanks to a hyperactive kid at home and work pressure in office! In all this madness, there is an earnest (though futile) attempt made to slow down and LIVE life. And so, fifteen minutes are taken out every morning to take a stroll on the terrace, inspecting plants and sipping the warm honey-lime water along with Diya. I am still trying to squeeze in another fifteen minutes for some yoga though. And then the usual morning tasks are carried on with much haste and urgency. There again I am trying to let Diya have her share of fun while taking bath, and some more while having her breakfast. This, of course means that I have to gulp down ‘something’ to get me through the day, for that usually is all I have till evening (most of the days I FORGET carrying the lunch box!). And then rushing through the office work so as to be able to come back as soon as possible. I am trying hard to be able to spend some time with Diya, and so postpone the pending office work till the time she sleeps. That means my work STARTS at the time that once was essentially the sleep-hour for me. Sigh! But at the end of the day, I am a happy woman – being able to give Diya her due(almost) time and do justice to the job assigned at work.

Now if only I could be more efficient and take care of the house too!! Its in a chaotic state! Every weekday is spent waiting for the weekend when the so-called clean up operation is planned to take place. But that never happens! No sooner does the weekend arrive, we get too excited planning where to go, what to buy, who to meet! The pleasure of these small activities usually puts the housework at the lowest of the priority queue..

No regrets though!

11 thoughts on “The Buzzzy Bee

  1. aparajita says:

    Sounds like the story of my life too 🙂 with the work pressure in office and a demanding, delightful and absolutely adorable, cannot-say-no-to kind of a toddler….even though I am still too lazy to get up early enough in the morning to have that jog that i have been planning to for at least one year now 😉 – talk about determination and drive – hehehehee.

    yes, its as hectic as it can get right now between crazy office deadlines, baby and domestic stuff that just gets piled on when u werent looking 🙂
    But end of the day I am a happy woman too 🙂 there’s a certain satisfaction in the knowledge that you are giving it your 100% (Most of the times 😉 isnt it ?

    Babe I so relate to your posts…

  2. Sounds like another bunch of parents….

    Oh, just read the comments and looks like this is pandemic. As long as you also remember to have lunch, I think D, A and you are having the best time of your life.

    Looking forward to visiting the messy home on the 15th. Hope it works out, been soooo long since we met!

  3. yup yup!

    i was never much for being house proud! so cleaning the ghar is pretty much the last priority for me! 🙂

    enjoy the time!


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