Controversies JIRT

A couple of weeks back we were discussing this song  (YouTube link below) and wondering how it had missed notice of the religious/cultural gurus.. One of us remarked that there would definitely be some controversy right before/after the release.

And this is exactly what happened.


I wonder if the film’s marketing team keeps some portion of the budget allocated to creating/dealing with controversies!Afterall, they are instrumental in promoting their otherwise dull movies!!


2 thoughts on “Controversies JIRT

  1. Funnily, this just proves how intolerant we have become in only 3-4 years. Some years ago, an Arshad Warsi movie had a complete song with the lyrics of the Hanuman Chalisa. In fact, it was a pretty good way to memorize the verse. Just because the movie tanked, it never created a flutter. Of course, the current song is just bad music. But that doesn’t mean we go burning their CDs and ripping the poster!!

    • Well, I am not sure if it has to do anything with (in)tolerance. I believe its more of those publicity gimmicks which people resort to. If they were really hurt, they should have raised the issue immediately after the song was aired for the first time on t.v. But they waited for the movie to get released..

      (which movie are you talking about??)

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