Looking at the week ahead…

A dreaded thought enters my mind,

and chills me to the very core.

The prospect drowns me in deep sorrow

and I look above for some support!


The unfinished laundry beckons me now,

the mess in the house makes fun of me.

The incomplete projects look at me with pity

and compel me to just get up and flee!!


It’s only been a week since she is gone,

but my bones ache and muscles are sore

And though there is not so much to do

yet I can take this stress no more!!


14 thoughts on “Looking at the week ahead…

    • Or should I say that it is so tragic that even a small event becomes lyrical!!

      And the good news is that she is back!

      And no, you would not have to do anything but eat whatever I cook 😉

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