When you visit a movie hall after a really long time –

Anything they play would feel like a master piece.

And this is exactly what I felt about Kurbaan ‘while’ I was watching it. It’s of course a different story that later I felt foolish to have thought so!!

My opinion:

Kareena is THE reason why you should watch this movie (it’s a surprise coming from a self-acclaimed Kareena-hater). She is superb

Saif is ‘cute’ (as described by one of the characters in the movie)

Vivek’s character is too ‘Bollywood-Hero’ Like, and hence quite unbelievable.

Kirron Kher is brilliant in last few scenes, otherwise her Afghan accent is a little irritating.

There are too many loopholes in the movie.

The transition of Kareena’s character from a confident young girl to a terrified woman is well portrayed.

Saif’s character could have had some more finesse.


Pic from Kurbaan


Side Note:

What is with people and their constant need to chatter while watching a movie? Well, I do that quite often, and so can tolerate this! But what I refuse to accept is the same people giving us dirty stares when we talk(no, whisper) with each other.

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