Just perfect!!

Rabindranath Thakur’s poems help when words fail me!!

Things that I have been feeling and wanted to say are so beautifully summarized in one of his poems!!


(I got this from one of the yahoo groups I am subscribed to: tagore@yahoogroups.com)


Bhagaban tumi juge juge doot pathayechho bare bare
Dayaheen sangsare.

Tara bole gelo ‘kshama karo sabe’, bole gelo ‘bhalobasho’
‘Antara hote bidwesh-beesh nasho.’
Baraneeya tara, smaraneeya tara, tabuo bahir dware
Aji durdine phiranu tader byartha namaskare.

Ami je dekhechhi gopan hingsa kapat-ratri chhaye
Henechhe nih-sahaye.
Ami je dekhechhi pratikar-heen, shakter aparadhe
Bicharer baani nirabe nibhrite kande.
Ami je dekhinu tarun balak unmad hoye chhute
Ki jantranay marechhe pathare nishphal matha kute.

Kantha amar ruddha ajike, banshi sangeet-hara
Amabasyar kara
Lupta karechhe amar bhuban duswapner tale
Tai to tomay shudhai asrujale
Jahara tomar bishaichhe bayu, nibhaichhe taba alo
Tumi ki tader kshama kariachho, tumi ki besechho bhalo?

Age after age, hast Thou, O Lord, sent messengers again and again
into this pitiless world.
And they have said ‘Forgive all’, said ‘Love.’
‘Kill rather the poison of hatred inside you.’
Worth admiration, worth remembrance, all; yet I turn them away
With failed greetings from my door on this dark day.

For I have seen secret hatred murder the helpless
Under the shade of hypocrisy
For I have seen redressless crimes of the powerful
Make silent justice weep furtively.
For I have seen frenzied young boys
Die in agony dashing their heads against stone, to no use.

My voice is choked today, my flute songless
A black moonless prison
Has submerged my world into a nightmare.
So in tears I ask Thee:
Those who poisoned Your air, those who extinguished Your light,
Is it that You have forgiven them? that You have come to love them?

By Rabindra Nath Tagore

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