Road Rage

I am angry and hurt. No one takes me seriously on road these days. They all take me to be a Learner who can be bullied into moving to the left-most lane of the road.

There are so many emotions troubling my heart, so many feelings struggling to take shape of words and reach to the people who affect me in some way or the other, especially while I am on road. And so I have decided to use this blog as the platform to vent out my innermost thoughts and convey it to the people concerned. (These days blog seems to be the only safe place where one can take the venom out on others, isn’t it πŸ˜‰ )

To the (not so handsome)dude on the bright yellow bike:

I know you are in hurry.Β  I understand zigzagging is the style statement.


I get all startled! And verbally abusive. And say words which are not supposed to be uttered by good girls.

To the Uncle driving that historical vehicle called Maruti 800.

I respect you and your age. But please try not to slow down all of a sudden while you are in the middle lane of the Ring Road. My bike doesn’t have disc brakes and I can’t move to a different lane all of sudden, thanks to all those HUGE lorries on the road. My mother says that we should respect our elders. But I find it difficult to do so when you spit out from the window and throw attitude all around as if slowing down and spitting are the most respectful jobs on the earth.

To the lady in Red sari

I knew Red is the symbol of danger. But I never realized its true significance until I met YOU this morning. On an empty Ring road, with speed of around 65kmph(yes, that is THE LIMIT for me. My bike starts shaking with fear if I go a point over this mark), with no signal/zebra crossing/cross in sight,Β  I do not really expect to see ANYONE trying to cross the road with the amount of confidence that you display. And even when I almost crash down, your nerves of steel are not perturbed, and you continue to walk with the same leisurely pace as before.

My salutes to the spirit in you!

To the cute child going to school in the morning

Baby, you indeed are too young to be reading this. But I HAVE TO tell you that road is NOT the place to read from your notebook. Did you utter the word ‘test’? Well, failing in a test is still better than getting hurt, isn’t it? So please get up a little early in the morning and prepare for the test. And I am not sure if they teach this in school or not, but pedestrians are supposed to use the footpath, or try to be in as left edge as possible.

To the Big Brother in the Black Scorpio

Your HUGE arm dangling out of the window, displaying the broadest ever gold bracelet, gold rimmed sunglasses (as seen from the rear view mirror) are scary enough. Please do not use your driving antics to push me further into the corner, trembling with fear. If possible, do try to manage your Black Scorpio a little more gently and not use it bully others on the road.



I think it is better to stop here now.Β  It would do good to join some Anger Management Course instead!! Or may be learn to drive a four wheeler to be the one who bullies others for a change!

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