The first time

I am nervous, and tense. The anticipation is killing me. Excitement is unnerving.

This is my first time.

I did a few experiments here and there, but nothing would match with what I am going to do today..

From Long hair to bob-cut to layered look. And there was a phase of ‘Rihanna’ style too! I have tried it all. But till date I haven’t really tampered with my hair.

Today would be it,

I am getting my hair permed. It is an ‘informed’ decision. I know it might damage my hair in long run. But as my sister puts it – ‘The hair would turn grey one day. No amount of care can prevent that. Years are slipping out of our hands and we might not be able to try this after a couple of years’. So true.

And so here I am – despite being unwell, all charged up to change the look!!

(Pics would come soon!)

10 thoughts on “The first time

  1. waiting for the pics, i had permed my hair when i was in post grad, i think it looked fab but damaged it so much that i am scared to do it again

    but one must do it once

    go for it girl… looking forward for the pics

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