Like an ‘ideal’ daughter –

– she takes my blessings before doing anything (Mopping, wiping, ‘cooking’, etc). She would bury her head in my knees and then get back to her ‘work’… Feels great πŸ™‚

– when she meets another person (of her age), she looks at me, seeks approval, and smiles back at that ‘person’ if my reaction had been ‘positive’. This trait is more noticeable if the other ‘person’ is a Male!

– she makes sure to snatch away all my ladles and insist on cooking – all by herself.

– She would cover me up if by any chance my dupatta slips from my shoulder! Modesty Personified indeed πŸ˜‰

– She does her best to make her lazy parents move about and lose some calories!

– She has inspired me to keep my hair oiled and tied up in a bun whenever at home. This is to prevent the remaining strands of hair back in the place where they are supposed to be and not all over the floor, thanks to all that pulling and yanking!

– She is also the protector of the house. She makes sure to carry a lethal weapon (her plastic cricket bat) and wave it at everyone who is new and might come across as a threat to the family!

– And in the true tradition of ‘Indian Women’, she insists on eating AFTER everyone else has done so. And she would personally feed each and everyone of them by offering spoon fulls of ‘whatever’ is there on their plates!!

15 thoughts on “Like an ‘ideal’ daughter –

    • This certainly is a rude comment (esp the first line) and so I have no choice but to delete a part of it.

      And I don’t know what is wrong – some people just don’t understand the meaning from the tone of words, they are too fixated on their form.
      To make it clear to such dumb people : It was a fun post and at no point of time implying that this is what an ideal daughter should be like.

      And if you still don’t get it, then please go and visit other blogs and don’t come back to this one.

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