Tears don’t come easily to me these days. Yet watching this movie changed that!!

It is heartbreaking to have a kid who you know would not survive for long. Equally hard is to actually be normal when you are aware of your limitations and the fact that you are different from other kids.

It could have been easier to be irritatingly sweet while playing a 13 year old. And perhaps repelling too considering the physical implications of this disease called ‘Progeria’.Β  And yet only Amitabh Bachhan could have made this so natural for every parent to relate to – with or without kids suffering from this disease. Vidya plays the role of a mother and essays so much acceptance and love that it pinches your heart and you feel like giving her a tight hug to try and ease the pain. Abhishek’s character has certain unbelievable traits and I wished the story didn’t work too hard on establishing his political views/actions/character. That could have been dealt in a tangential manner, focusing entirely on the kid, his life and relationships..

(so, two movies on ONE weekend!! Not bad at all!! πŸ™‚ )

10 thoughts on “Paa

  1. Nice review… am planning to watch this movie.. but am in two minds because of the sad story part… (will have to carry extra tissues to the movie hall…)

    btw, the header pic is really very beautiful…

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