Save The Tiger..

Before posting this video, I was wondering how blogging can help in saving this endangered species .. I had believed tiger-poaching to be the evil deed of the uncivilized and uneducated world. But a couple of news items  in recent times have forced me to rethink about it. From over  the expensive laptop screens, some of us are admiring  the tiger skin adorning one entire wall in the living room, taking pride in the fact that this one was ‘hunted’ down by one of the stupidly vain ancestors.

And then of course, there are some people who need more of mental treatments than the medical assistance for believing that tiger’s eyes, hair, internal organs and even tiger penis would help them in their ailments.



And yes, I was wrong. We do need more awareness. We need to know that a dead tiger is a useless piece of rotten skin and hollow bones.  We need them alive and active to maintain ecological balance.

And for reasons usually considered trivial (like how beautiful this being is!)

(pic from NationalGeographic)

9 thoughts on “Save The Tiger..

  1. Swaram says:

    Glad u wrote this one Puja 🙂
    Ecological imbalance does harm any species .. we need to realize that chopping down trees leads to less food for the herbivores and in turn for there predators.
    Also, plastic which we use so much and discard it every where does no good to the environment and does impact the health of any being 😦

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