My Name Is Khan

There are so many tear jerking moments that we (me and A) were actually getting very uncomfortable, and I wished we had seen this movie later when the CD was out in the market.) Now that doesn’t make this movie as the five pointer for me… but  I did appreciate the honest effort that went into establishing Rizwan Khan’s character, at least in the first half of the movie. I loved the extent to which he goes to get his lady love accept his marriage proposal, and I enjoyed how effortlessly he wins the child’s heart (that it was too easy to believe is a different matter). I also loved Kajol, more when she didn’t ‘try’ to be this crazy and ‘sweet’ woman. It was in the moments of despair that you get to see how good an actress she is..

I only wish they hadn’t added the ‘superhero’ stuff to make Rizwan’s character deviate from the real line and venture into fantasy land.. Not to mention the cringeworthy moments , the REPEATED references to religion (yes, I know this is what the film is based on, but it could have just been a little more subtle).

It is SRK all the way…. and I have just realized that my love for him has gone one mile deeper than it initially was!

Oh…forgot to mention  – the side characters (doing the bit-roles) were inserted appropriately to make you tolerate some tedious parts of the movie..

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8 thoughts on “My Name Is Khan

  1. Even though our choice of films does not match (I couldn’t sit through 15 minutes of RBDJ), we’d still like to invite you home on Sunday. Please to let wife know if OK. And you must bring the doll…

  2. I haven’t seen this movie yet…primarily because people had told me that there were a tear-jerker and senti moments – not my style generally.

    But I am a huge fan of SRK anyway 🙂 especially after seeing the documentary of his life that comes on Travel & Living on sundays…did you see it? I think if you are an SRK fn, you will like it too 🙂

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