It’s only the worst times that brings out the true character of a person. And that is what happens when the family of a retired gentleman is stuck in a situation which claims their sanity.

|spoiler alert|

Bimal (Soumitra Chatterjee) is visited by his family and his friend in his Darjeeling house……

There are images shattered, all thanks to the crisis that the earthquake brings with itself. The suave, kind, loving husband that Nirmal appears to be is nothing but a facade. He is revealed as a not-so-caring partner and a womanizer during one of the outbursts that his wife has thanks to the behavior she is made to witness in front of the entire family. Till that point, both him and his wife maintain and try to live the illusion of a happy married life, something that is brought out as a false impression again thanks to the above mentioned outburst. The rich gentleman who is their guest is overwhelmed by hunger and physical discomfort, turns to temporary insanity.

But the end brings hope …

To the troubled couple, the outburst turns out to be the realization.

The younger brother , who was unnerved by the revealed character of his brother tries to overcome his own fears and bring about some relief.

The wife, who till now lived the perfect life of a homemaker confronts her own doubts and suspicions.

Her sister and brother-in-law discover comfort in each other’s strength.

And of course relief in form of contact with the outside world..

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