An ideal mother?

She: (With horrified expression on her face) What is that??

Me: (puzzled) What is what?

She: How can you be so careless with your child?

Me: What did I do????

She: (with disgust) I always knew you were too young to be a mother.

Me: (losing patience now) What wrong did I do?

She: Isn’t that a wound mark on your son’s knees?

Me: Yes, it is. Yesterday while playing in the park, he fell down. Thank God! the cut wasn’t as deep as I feared it to be.

She: (Amazed at my indifference)

Me: What happened?

She: How could you let him fall?

Me: I let him play. Falling down is just one of the minor side effects.. Nothing wrong in that.

She: Nothing wrong in playing. But how can you let him hurt himself? Why not let him indulge in indoor games only.

Me: But won’t that limit his development, social interaction skills, and most importantly, his health?

She: Why?  I made sure that my son ate properly, coaxed him to participate in debates, extempore etc. That he was not interested in these activities is a different issue. But I didn’t let him go out and play with those rowdies on the street, atleast not until he was big enough to take care of himself.

Me: And how big was that?

She: 17 years, after which he went to college and played over there. Isn’t this how it should be?

Me: (Now having totally lost it) And isn’t your son an overweight, socially reclusive, and a shy person even now at the age of 40? Oh, and why isn’t he married yet? And why does he still stammer while speaking.  Oh, and have you noticed that the moment he opens his mouth to blabber something, people fly away to atleast 4kms away from his side!

She: (Stumped).

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