No, I would not mend my ways…

.. and would continue to watch movies like:

I am sure you won’t even ask what this movie is all about…and I would congratulate on making such a wise decision (of not asking).

There is no story.

I am sure there was no ‘written’ script for the actors either.

Songs? Only one that I liked – only for its danceable tune…

Lyrics – dont remember them

Dialogues – not worth mentioning!

Cast – Wish Arjun Rampal hadn’t done this role… Otherwise he looks ‘superb’, as always. Love Lara Dutta. Riteish is adorable. Akshay is ..hmm… as he is in all other stupid comedies..

Review – None

TimePass – with difficulty

Induces laugh – only when laughing gas is used in liberal quantities (pun intended). Otherwise, I did force quite a few ones on myself! After all, had to justify the money spent on the ticket!

One highlight of the movie – loved loved the dresses sported by the three actresses in the pic above. (yeah, I am shallow like that!)

pic from here

16 thoughts on “No, I would not mend my ways…

    • Oh don’t even ask!!! Ever heard of:
      ‘Nehle pe dehla’
      ‘From ChandniChowk to China’,
      ‘Aap ka suroor’….
      etc etc…

      Yes, I am lucky enough to have watched all of them (and some more)


  1. Pele says:

    Well, I think I am still wise not to watch this movie last weekend…did some house hunting…but ur review is a huge detterent for me to even think of watching this movie…thanks for putting this on high alert…..u can consider watching city of gold…hope that will give a healing touch to all your woes of watching such “masterpieces”.. šŸ™‚

  2. ajay says:

    Excellent review and the humor you have laced it with is hilarious. I was very disappointed on seeing the movie. Couldn’t stand it after first 30 minutes. What a waste of actors like Arjun and Akshay!

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