It was at the top of my most-awaited-movies list (yeah, even above ‘Kites’). And I am glad that I did get to watch it yesterday.

A little too long, the movie doesn’t tire you with its length, it does so with lame performances of some of its characters.

The tone of Mahabharata is too prominent, as if characters are mapped one to one! Starting from the ‘Bhaskar’ as the ‘God’ who impregnates ‘Bharti’ to the casting of Vir, Samar, Indu as Duryodhan, Arjun and Draupadi respectively. And who can forget ‘BrijGopal’, alias Krishna! I wish this was done in a little more subtle manner than what they depicted in the movie. At places it was even irritating and funny. Some of the dialogues seemed to have been copied from B.R’s Mahabharata. And no, it is not a compliment.

In Mahabharata, the characters which fascinated me most were Draupadi and Karna. Their strength of character and the treatment meted out to them was enough to evoke sympathy and admiration. But here, Ajay Devgan failed to express the pain his character feels even after learning the truth about his birth and family. Katrina looked lovely (more than what she does in the AkshayKumarish movies) and very graceful. But I wish she had worked a little more on her diction. It could have overshadowed her lack of acting skills atleast.Β  And what was it with casting a twenty something girl as ‘Kunti’??? I found it difficult to get convinced about her ‘maternal’ love for her sons or daughter in law… she sounded and looked too young for her role. I couldn’t help but imagine Nafisa Ali in this very important role. Naseer comes in for just a few minutes and steals my heart away with his presence that looms in till the end. Manoj Vajpai was good. A little over the top at times. But good. Arjun Rampal impressed with his arrogance that his character displayed.Β  There are sparks of his acting skills that you notice, but they are not enough. I wish he had shown a little more intensity and expression. The lady who plays Ranbir’s love interest was nice as well. A brief role and yet she manages to stay with you.

But it was Ranbir and Nana all the way. Slowly and steadily overshadowing everything else. Camouflaging all the faults that you might have noticed during the movie.. They build up the pace and manage to stay with it.

Overall a nice movie getting three of five stars as per my rating πŸ™‚

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18 thoughts on “Rajneeti

  1. Hmm I read abt the Mahabharata influence @ a few other places too .. I think I wil wait for it to come on TataSky to watch it πŸ™‚

    How hv u been Puja? Nice header πŸ™‚

  2. Watched it yesterday, did not like it all that much. Ranbir, Manoj and Nana were good, but I am not too sure whether I can say anyone else did their fair share.

  3. Insightful review! I agree with the parallels drawn with Mahabharta and Naseer truly was the best of the lot yet again emphasizing that its the screen performance and not the screen time that stands out for a character.

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