Should I or should I not

pierce my nose??

My father in law has been insisting (for past 10 years) that I pierce my nose. He has this very romantic image of Indian woman! An offer of ‘diamond of my choice’ has been used as a bait.

I don’t want to turn him (or the diamond) down. And yet, I find it difficult to imagine the pain that I might have to go through. Clasp-ons are an option. But I am not sure if any of the jewelers actually make them.

14 thoughts on “Should I or should I not

  1. I have been thinking this exact thing last week. I want to get it done, and the pain is just too scary. But, there is a girl who got it done this weekend… and she says the pain is gone in a matter of two days… and to top it, it looks real pretty, right?

  2. oh i looks so pretty

    u know i had this whole notion of doing it and once i got courage and got it done it pained healed and looked so pretty

    and then i got a daimond as a gift for wedding, it could never enter the hole and i thought i will get it corrected and than it closed 😦 😦 😦

    i want to do it but so scared of doing it again


  3. Are you actually planning to do it! Good… Send your pic after the piercing… 🙂 All the best!
    After that next is tattoo… I got one recently…

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