One time watch… Definitely, not more than that. I don’t find myself brave enough to survive it twice!!

I had loved Mani Ratnam in Roja, admired him in Bombay and liked in Yuva. Even ‘Dil se’ was good.  But then, I realized that he is slowly trying to depend more on the periphery of the film than on its core.  And so, this movie has brilliant cinematography, breath taking visuals, Beautiful Aish, exotic location….

And that’s where it ends. And the problems start..
As for the story, it’s about the wife of a powerful (and perhaps good) man taken as hostage. And her kidnapper is an embodiment of evil.. Atleast that is how he appears initially, until you start knowing him more closely.  So he is not an evil man, rather a multi faced one… more like ‘Raavan’ himself. Misunderstood, mistreated, and unjustly killed. Followed closely by a man trying to test his wife’s ‘purity’ by making her go through an ordeal. And how she manages to preserve her dignity. Or may be not.

Excellent plot.

But a lousy interpretation on screen.

The film reflects the injustice that the tribals face and how it leads to law and order situations. But there has to be a consistency followed while representing them. Where are these tribals from? The attire, the language, the location…. they conflict with each other so frequently and strongly that even a lame person like me can notice it! Some times they appear to be trapped somewhere in a deeper time zone, and on other instances, they look to be well connected with technology.  Does it not matter to the story at all?? And please, tribals may be simple, uneducated, but they are not psychic cases as this film make them appear to be.

‘Beera’ develops a soft corner in his heart for the lady he kidnapped. Makes sense. She is beautiful, brave, and yet vulnerable. And ‘Ragini’? What does she feel? I could see just glimpses of hatred in her eyes.  Nothing more than that. All she did for the rest of the time was to scream and shout. She failed to convince through her expressions. Did she love her husband? Or did she finally start to get attracted towards ‘Beera’? I could not tell. Or maybe I  as a viewer was supposed to be confused!!

I also have an issue with these ‘theme’ based movies. It is good to derive your plot from a famous epic. And remain faithful to it. But do not make it appear to be a photocopy. Do not say the word ‘Raavan’ too many times just to convince that ‘Beera’s character is based on him. Do not have a funny (though relevant) character jumping up and down like a monkey just to explain that his role resembles that of ‘Hanuman’. Do not make him mouth the same dialogues as Valmiki’s Hanuman as he managed to discover Sita in Ashok Vatika. It is downright corny! The humiliation of Surpanakha, though, is subtly shown.

The dialogues are boring, predictable and do nothing to  bring out the pain that the characters are supposed to feel. The pace is tooo slow and makes the movie a little difficult to tolerate.

On my rating, this movie gets 1.5 of 5 stars..

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14 thoughts on “Raavan

    • Yeah.. TV /Dvd would make you feel less guilty about wasting your money!! But what would you do about the time !!

      That said, it definitely can be tried once!!

  1. soooo agree though i could have never explained why i hated it so much!

    M is still looking for someone to punch after watching it! :p only saving grace was the gorgeous cinematography but its defi not enough to save the movie from doom!

    • 🙂 Oh the tickets are available…we were stupid enough to get tickets done in advance… I didnt want any reviews to ‘cloud’ my experience!!!

      I was soo soo stupid!

  2. Ouch, tough review. But I had doubts when I saw the trailers itself. I think Mani’s films have started to become stereotypical. I did hear that the Tamil version was better, but don’t know whether to believe it or not

    I am going to spend my cash on the A-Team this week instead. Let’s see how that movie is 🙂

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