Sleeping under the stars!!

And so we finally did it!! Sleeping under the stars that is…

Me, A, Diya, my sis and her husband decided to give it a try. We brought the mattresses and pillows, blankets and mosquito repellents out on the terrace… just plonked ourselves on them… sang a couple of songs from our childhood memories, and some on Diya’s demands!Β  And after tiring Diya (and ourselves) out by running after each other, we finally managed to catch some sleep, before being awakened by the cold and noisy breeze…

A walk back to childhood days, when we would bring the charpuoys out and sleep out on the terrace, with pedestal fans trying to provide some relief from the harsh summer heat and morning welcoming us with its soothing coolness.. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Sleeping under the stars!!

  1. What a coincidence. We also went back to our terrace after many days (come to think of it, last time was probably when you guys came over!) and did lots of running around. Great fun.

    Soon we shall generate the guts to sleep under the stars in Bangalore’s cold night…

    Nice read!

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