I hate Luv storys

Smart dresses – check

Cool guy – check

Beautiful girl – check

Nice sets/locations – check

Good songs – check

Humor – Yeah… good take on KaranJoharish movies!

Story that makes some sense – hmm not so sure

Acting – NIL (from the main characters) I did enjoy some of the side roles though..

In other words.

Packaging – superb!

Substance  – What’s that???

Ratings – 1.5 of 5 stars

(Reminded me of sugar candy – all sweet/color but no nutritional value!)

One thing that stayed with me even after I had come out of the movie hall was the use of the word ‘magic’. I so agree with the characters when they say that a relationship might appear to be perfect, but is actually incomplete if there is no ‘magic’ in it!!

Yeah, I might not be the most romantic person around, but I do NOT hate luv storys!

Pic from here.

4 thoughts on “I hate Luv storys

    • humne kabhi koi bhi achhi yaa ghatiya movie skip nahi kee!! Come over to Bangalore, I would make sure that you are cured of this problem of not watching movies!

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