Gender stereotypes..

I had never thought of myself as a ‘typical’ girl.. A view that was reinforced again and again when I looked at opinions/images of genders around me. And yet, I was a girlie girl! My personality is so full of contradictions that I do not know how it would sound like at the end of this post! Anyways, thanks to Dew, I am revisiting my traits and picking up those that can label me as the Sinner!!

(lovely badge, isn’t it?)

I was a ‘simple’ girl. Who didn’t know how to apply makeup. Who didn’t know what the latest fashion trends were. And even if I did, I didn’t get motivated enough to try them out!

I HATED gossip (ok, I no longer do!!) and would rather sit in my room reading a book than sit in a group of chattering girls! (That has changed to some extent ! And I do love my girl-times now)

I never shied away from work like going to bank, getting some paperwork done etc.. My parents usually relied on me for such tasks.

Tough times made me tougher – and I am referring to physical strength here. I remember going to Vaishnao Devi with friends when one of our group-members fell sick and I had her leaning on me for almost the entire walk up there. To add to it, there was heavy downpour that night.

I avoided going out in evenings (like any ‘good’ girl 😉  or perhaps the mental conditioning at girls hostel). It scared me for no reason. But when there was a need I just forgot all about these fears. There was a time when my father in law was in Chennai hospital for a major surgery and I had to rush there at around 12 at night. And though my mother in law was a little hesitant to send me alone, I just couldn’t see how any fear could have deterred me from going.  This is just one of the various incidents when I did something which my husband would have done had he been there.

I take maximum of 10minutes to get ready (unless it is a sari-day!) My makeup is the most basic one, sometimes I skip even that.

I have no beauty regimen to speak of. A basic cleansing is what I do in the entire day!

I hate being at home when not well. I hate whining and crying, and would rather go out and try to forget the pain/sickness.

I have been traveling alone since the age of 15. Yeah, again not something which girls from ‘respectable’ families usually do (as was pointed by one of our relatives!).

I love macho bikes. And I had done some elementary bike racing stuff myself (ok ok, it wasn’t a macho bike, but an old Bajaj Super Scooter, which by the way was mine ever since I joined Senior Secondary !) Oh, and this bike (scooter) love is credited to two very special friends of mine (who are ‘sinners’  themselves, I am sure).

I don’t shy away from tasks requiring physical labor (I know most of women don’t. But it still doesn’t fit the ‘feminine’ image!). I have carried heavy stuff even during my pregnancy (of course I was careful). I love moving pots around in our terrace garden, changing its decor every now and then.

I am not a fussy shopper. I usually buy the first thing that I might like, and not look at the entire stuff that the shop might have to offer!

I do drink occasionally- not the heavy alcoholic stuff, but the lighter ones. Still quite against the ‘pure and divine’  image of an ideal woman. And since I can’t hold my drink after the first one, I end it at that. I did try smoking once, but that was just out of curiosity and our entire gang (of girls) hated that experience!

I love electronic gadgets – laptops, notebooks, mobiles. I might not be as informed as my husband but I still can hold a discussion 🙂

Ohh…. at the end of this list, I almost sound like a man!

But then I am a woman. And I do conform to some of these stereotypes. Like finances. I have never been a good manager of funds at home!! And since my husband is more informed and has a good sense of money, I prefer that he takes the charge (and I sit back relaxed, knowing very well that our future is secure 🙂 ).

I love perfumes. And good clothes. And bags. And shoes 🙂

My idea of a perfect day is curling up in the bed with a good book and regular supply of tea/coffee!

I cry while watching movies or reading books, and even at those over emotional advertisements!

Thanks IHM… it was a lovely idea!

13 thoughts on “Gender stereotypes..

  1. Loved it…! You sinner 😀 …reading that simple girl wala line I remembered I missed adding it to my list 😉

    Remember how jhalli i was once 😉

  2. Puja you don’t sound like a man or a woman, just like a competent, intelligent, kind, fit and smart person. There was a time even reading was seen as unwomanly, today even scooters and cars are driven by women who look anything but stereotypically unfeminine 😉

    There was a time when everybody thought jeans made women walk like men (whatever that is) but today moral police wants to ban jeans because they make women look very womanly (doesn’t matter how comfortable they feel, they shouldn’t look too much like women, feels most moral police).

    My mother is kind of traditional but she is great with finances, after my dad died everybody expected her move in with my brother but she lives comfortably in her own house. No way can she be fooled – dad made sure she knew exactly what she had. A lot of women are also involved in buying and selling shares! That’s why they come up with a movie name like ‘Saas, Bahu aur Sensex’ – today an interest in finances is seen as gender neutral.

    I feel all these stereotypes keep changing, and guess who changes them?

    • Thanks for kind words!!

      I had never been good with finances 😦 My husband has tried to get me to learn stocks…. but failed… I just don’t have the aptitude for numbers !!

      Whether it’s got to do something with me being a woman – No, I don’t think so!! My best friend’s wife is a better manager of money than him! In fact, he doesn’t trust himself (just like me) with cash in pocket!

  3. curling up in the bed with a good book and regular supply of tea/coffee! – I so wanna do that nw. The weather is just rt 🙂

    Nice list Puja 🙂

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