How can you be angry

or even fake being one when your little naughty brat starts twisting her face to make you laugh, dance in her uniquely funny manner and shower kisses on your face!!!

Even after she has made a huge mess in the room and thrown huge tantrums to make chapatis herself

6 thoughts on “How can you be angry

  1. Awww!!! You can get angry by picking the little devil up and showering her with kisses right back and joining in her uniquely funny dance 🙂 A huge hug to this adorable brat 🙂 She know the power she has over her mom 🙂

    Or you can blog about it 😉

    Did you take any pictures of the mess!!

    • yeah… that’s the only way how you can react to it!! And talk about power! And most importantly being aware of that power!!

      Picture?? How could I with toys and flour all over the place!!! I was too busy oscillating between extremes of anger and love!!!

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