‘Tere Bin Laden’ and ‘Khatta meetha’

Fun… Pure fun!! This movie proves that a no-brainer plot can also be enjoyable without being an assault on your senses. It makes even the impossible look plausible, in a very twisted manner! Ali Jaffar is superb and so are all other characters. I couldn’t find a single flaw in acting or characterization.  Ok, the story is a little far fetched. But that is fine since it turns out to be a real entertainer!

Just loved it!








Now, this is a real migraine-inducing product that they have come out with.. The loud dialogues, over acting (by almost all except perhaps Kulbhooshan Kharbanda and Aruna Irani). A very stupid plot for a story.

I wish Akshay would stop doing such terrible movies. He is a good actor. Either he doesn’t know it or he plans to go the Mithun way…

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