Mothers are never good enough….

Trying to juggle between multiple tasks, balancing their priorities. Sometimes letting their careers suffer and sometimes lagging behind in deadlines. At times, criticized for not being good house keepers and on some occasions, blamed for their ‘inefficiency’.

They are the reasons behind a child not being potty trained in time. Or their rude behavior. They are also looked at with suspicious eyes when the child is too thin or too fat.

The bed cover doesn’t match with the duvet. The night dress is not ironed. And the plants need to be watered.  Oh, and not to forget the boss shouting angrily on phone for a deadline missed again.

A few moments snatched for one’s own self are nothing but a selfish thought. They could have been utilized in a better manner. Time management is the key, they are told frequently.

And if office is the constraint, then leave the job. It is not important anyways. For the house doesn’t run on their salaries.

If they are not able to manage either or both, the verdict is out – loud and clear. They are just not good enough.

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