Mommy is so proud of you!

When you wake up in the morning and the first word that I hear is ‘Nibu paani’ (Nimbu paani = lemon+honey+lukewarm water)

When you shower her (and papa’s face) with kisses and nosy-bites (soft biting the nose, cheeks šŸ™‚ )

When you point to the bathroom and say ‘teeth brush’ (indication that you want to brush your teeth)

When after you take your bath,Ā  the first place you visit is the ‘mandir’. You take the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ out and start ‘reading’ it (sorry, singing it!).

When you start dancing on just about any music (even on the nonsensical songs that Momma sometimes sings).

But Momma would really really appreciate if you don’t make her get up after she has settled down comfortably on the sofa and order her to ‘Dance’.Ā  That is when she is forced to remind you and herself that age has probably left her side and she would not want to be shaken up and forced to leave the comfort of this realization.

Momma is also very happy to see that when babba(Our maid’s 18month old grand-son) comes to visit us, you call him Chhota baby ,give him your toys, try to make himlaugh,Ā give him ‘biskit’ (biscuit) andĀ makeĀ him Ā comfortable in your play area.

And yeah, Momma would be forever grateful to you for being helpful around the house. For cleaning the table, staircase-railings, t.v stand, sofa, etc. Also for helping her in the kitchen by rolling out chapatis, putting vegetables in the basket, handing over plates/cutlery etc.

While she is at it, Momma is mightily pleased with you and herself for getting you to count from 1 to 10, singing ABC…Z, nursery rhymes. She is also proud of the fact that you have inherited her skills in painting (I would now have to command those who know me personally to keep their mouth shut and not reveal the real nature of this ‘painting skill’ that I have. ). Also for the fact that you have stopped displaying this ‘skill’ of yours on the walls! She is finally relieved that you are developing interest in books, and would hope it reaches the level of obsession that Momma has. Or maybe not.

And yes, Momma is ever thankful to God for giving her this joy of motherhood.

2 thoughts on “Mommy is so proud of you!

  1. gagan brar says:

    diya wud love to read this whenever she will be able to read!!!! this is so sweet…so true…so full of love….just beautiful!!

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