Once upon a time in Mumbai

I don’t understand Robin Hoods. I really don’t. I don’t understand their character. What makes them justify their actions? The ‘Greater Good’? Now isn’t that a lame excuse to be used when you are doing exactly what you are fighting against?

I tried my best not to relate the two main characters to Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim. But failed. The similarities are too obvious to be ignored. And it’s Ajay Devgan who wins your heart with his intensity. I loved the romantic moments he shares with Kangana, who by the way looks gorgeous and delicate.

It’s a one time watch (aren’t all movies these days are?) and one should go with no expectations but watching Ajay Devgan!

The story is quite lame and similar to a thousand others shown before. Imran Hashmi is not bad either. His character is also a little incoherent. The progress from being a follower to the leader himself has been shown quite abruptly. I would have preferred to watch a gradual progression and change in his character.

Randeep Hooda looks good and can even act! That’s a good thing. Now if only they had worked a little more on his character!

Overall a decent movie falling just a little below the ‘Good’ rating for me!

6 thoughts on “Once upon a time in Mumbai

  1. For me, Company was one of my all-time favorite Don movies, I suppose they were trying to replicate some of that here?

    I have heard from others also that it is disappointing, but I still want to see it. I love Kangana and am very curious to see the Ajay+Kangana pairing.

    • I have seen Company only in parts and so can’t comment much on their similarity.

      And Ajay+Kangana is a great pairing. Ajay’s intensity and Kangana’s delicate looks = superb!

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