Unaccustomed Earth – Jhumpa Lahiri

A compilation of beautiful stories – most of them causing a dull ache in heart.

It is a pleasant change from the usual NRI stories that you read. The problems are the same and yet it’s dealt with in a more practical and non-cliched manner by the characters.

Jhumpa Lahiri knows exactly what’s going on in the character’s mind and pens it down so beautifully that you feel like being a part of his/her life.

The characters of Hema and Kaushik (a part of couple of stories which though different, are still intertwined with each other) are simple, real, and yet full of complex human emotions. They do make you question your own views/actions and reach on a conclusion that nothing is ever right or wrong.

This is exactly why I like Indian writers (esp the beautiful and talented Ms Lahiri). You are made to face the situations that the characters go through. You cannot help but being non-judgmental. You are not a reader anymore. You are a part of their lives, sharing their daily habits, feeling their pain and smiling with them.

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