‘2010’ and ‘The Hangover’

Two over-hyped movies.

Two movies which I couldn’t watch in cinema hall when they were released.

Two movies which made me feel bad for not being able to watch.

Two movies which got me all happy and excited when I spotted their VCDs in Planet M.

Despite being so different from each other, I found them to be similar in one aspect. You don’t care for ANY of the characters. This is despite the attempts to build up the emotions, tragedy, comic situations.

I just didn’t care!!

And why do I write this post? Well it is just to remind myself(yet again) that it’s high time that I stop watching such silly movies!

2 thoughts on “‘2010’ and ‘The Hangover’

  1. Some movies just have to be watched in theatres. No one can explain the magic of Hangover, but it has been overwhelmingly loved by ppl who watched it on big screen. Esp with everyone else going crazy around u at the silly jokes.

    Not seen 2012 yet but that’s OBVIOUSLY a big screen movie. My wife didn’t want us to wsste money on that one 😦

    • Well.. You do have a point there. On big screen even the most subtle of jokes can tickle you!

      And I think your wife is wise indeed to have saved that money for something better 🙂 because I dont think that even the stunning visuals could have saved you from yawning!

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