Thought for the year ahead…

“… so one remembers the story from the Ramayana of the golden deer that Sita wanted to possess. It turned out to be a demon whose sole intention was to lure Sita’s husband away from Sita. One remembers the story of the hermit who asked Sita for alms, who turned out to be the demon-king, Ravan, in disguise.

Later in the epic, Laxman says how he has lost all faith in animals and hermits. He feels they are all demons in disguise. And Ram says, “What is worse than kidnapping Sita, is that Ravan and his minions have destroyed our trust in the innocent.” Every time future generations are attracted by something beautiful, they will fear it is Marichi in disguise. Every time a hermit knocks asks for alms, people will wonder if he is actually what he claims to be. Destruction of faith is the worst of sins.

Update: Clicking on the text above would take you to the source of these lines:

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