One last time..

He opened the cupboard and took out the photo albums and family videos. They were all dated more than ten years back when things were good. Or so he thought.

He took out the pictures and lived the moments. His favorite picture was the one where he and Rimpi were dancing together and caught in a fleeting second of intimacy, something which you can feel only if you have been in deep love.He then took out the home videos ,prepared the video unit and sank into their love-seat to watch them.

Something told him that he need not do it.  The pain was too much for him to bear. And yet he went on to do it. He had to know. He had to find out how his wife of fifteen years could pretend to be in love with him while she had lost her heart to someone else.

He had to do it one last time. Before offering the memories to fire and burning them forever.

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