Is it weird?

– That I don’t have all the blogs that I read subscribed to my google reader? And that I have kept some away deliberately just because I like to type their URLs!!

– That I tend to throw everything out of the almirah every once in order to organize things ‘differently’ but end up putting them back in exactly the same way!

– That there are days when I go out and do mall-hopping just because I might not be able to do so once we plan our second child!

– That I just can’t let go of certain relationships. Even after having been hurt and bruised..and misunderstood.

– That despite all my claims, the only thing I really need is the warmth of my home, hugs from my husband and kisses to my daughter. And yes, blessings from my parents …

– That I am obsessively in love with life!

– That I don’t ever get depressed these days! Sad – sometimes. Angry – short term. But depressed – Never!

– That despite knowing my limitations in professional and personal life, I still can go on and achieve my dreams.

(Yeah… As someone rightly pointed out to me once – I NEED THERAPY!!)

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