Coping up with grief

How do you cope up with grief?



Do you cry bucket full of tears?

Or is it that you prefer to remain silent?

Do you shout and scream at others

or do you just sit in bewilderment?


Do you nurture it lovingly

till it hurts even more?

Do you seek sympathy?

And if you do, then is it wrong?


Do you prefer to take it out

on all those who could not be a part of it?

Or do you try to deal with it day by day

and bit by bit?


There is no right or wrong ,

of that I am very sure.

Just choose your preferred way,

Whichever brings peace to you.


8 thoughts on “Coping up with grief

    • Thanks Pratishtha! I believe that whatever be your way, just make sure that it doesn’t affect others. In most of the cases I have seen people going berserk and blaming/wrecking other people and their lives. Grief can be constructive if handled positively..

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